Photo taken:
Murtal, Austria

What drives us

In our third semester at The University Of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum Graz, we had one big project. Creating a short documentary about some person with an interesting story to tell.

Within our team of Michael, Martin and me, we did some research to find suitable people with an emotional, interesting or thrilling story. At first we tried to find some skilled craftsmanship that's barely in use today as we wanted to talk about something really unique. We reached out to several companies, starting from old bell manufacturers to marble quarries and some other people. After one complete day of collecting footage at the marble quarry in Sölk, we weren't quite happy with the outcome. Neither of us three thought that this would give us the story we wanted to show at the end of this semester.

So we started all over again.

We called friends and everyone we knew to find someone with a passion or love for something he does. In the mean time, Martin left the country for his exchange semester and the challenge got even bigger as now Micheal and I had to film, cut and produce the whole thing on our own. After a few days I came back to one of my greatest passions: cars. I was at the christmas party of the club when I started to talk with Rini, one of my friends and possibly the best mechanic you can find in town.

He has many years of experience in every aspect of mechanics. Cars, Bikes, Engines and so on. So we decided to talk about his life and what drives a "tuner" to modify his own car to the max.

How we did it

Quickly planned, gathered all the equipment we needed to make a documentary in just one day. Starting with the interview in Rini's own workshop, where we froze our toes off while filming this as we could not keep the heater running due to noise. We moved on to several "in-action" shots. On the third location,we took all the fancy lights we had to create an interesting scene around Rini's project car, called "Leonie". 8 lights, one fog machine in a garage and two cameras to catch the carefully designed scenery and show off the beautiful lines of the car in a way the project deserves. Location number four was a race against time as the sun began to come down. We packed up all the stuff and hit the road. Several shots filmed from car to car, hanging out of the trunk of my old, rusty Golf MK4 while holding about 8k€ equipment in just one hand.

In the end, Michael and I were completely exhausted, but it definitely was worth the effort.

We had created a documentary to show all the emotions that's flowing in the personal project of a passionate tuner.

Thanks Rini.