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The idea

Carl Warner is an artist and photographer from England. Michael and I decided to create an image similar to most of his work: landscapes completely built up with food. For the subject we chose the schlossberg in the center of Graz.


We started plannig the base for our image to create a perfect illusion in terms of perspective, porportions and lighting. To get the whole construction stable without wasting a ton of food, we cut a base model of the tower and landscape from blue styrofoam.

When everything else was prepared, the most important part of the project began: grocery shopping. We looked for a variety of foods that looked as similar as possible to the single parts of the image like cheese for the tower, herbs for grass and plants and so on.

With probably the healthiest shopping tour I ever did, we came back to my flat to start building the whole scenery. Countless hours of cutting small cheese bricks and miniature gardening lead us to a pretty interesting sight. The whole thing we had created looked absolutely cool just from the exact position we planned before. Moving the camera just a little bit in any direction would cause the illusion to fall apart. So we experimented a little with my off-camera flash just to imitate direct sunlight and get the final shot.

After some tweaks and a swapped sky in Photoshop, we were absolutely surprised how well the project turned out!

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