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Mercedes 190E Evolution II

Mercedes 190E Evolution II

During my week of photoshooting for several car dealers in germany, I also got my hands on an original Mercedes 190E Evolution II from 1990. Together with Jan Cmiel (Mr_Berac Photography) I spent one whole night in an old storage hall to shoot the Evo II and some other Mercedes from Beresa Classic.

For the main shot of the set we spent about an hour just parking cars around to find the right composition. When everything was set and ready to go, we put the tripod on the back of Jan's Cabrio and started shooting.

Lighting the scene

My first step when shooting cars in complete darkness is, to light up the whole scene with a high-performance flash to get an idea how the shadows could fall and in which direction the light will go.


Secondly, I take my small torch and "paint" the subject alongside it's lines with light. In this particular scene this part was extremely important as the lines on the Evo II are so dominant and I wanted the to be absolutely perfect. Additionally, we had five other cars parking around which needed to be lit up as well.

Additional lights

When all the lighting is done, i take several extra exposures from different states of the car itself. With headlights on, brakelights, turning signals and so on.

It was about 2 AM when all the main photos were done and we started doing detail shots. The technique on these is basically the same, but they are a lot simpler because the mostly only need one or two exposures to show the shape of the car.

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